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Drone Survey Essex

If you are a developer or builder in the UK and are looking for a drone survey in Essex you have come to the right place.


Maybe you're looking for a drone survey of an existing plot. Utilising our UAV service could prove to be a cost-effective and practical solution. The aerial survey can give a unique view which you can use to study access, proximity of other buildings and areas of interest. All of which can be included in a feasibility study or logistical plan. We will provide video footage and still shots if you need them. We'll meet with you to discuss your needs or if you would prefer, we can organise on a conference call. 

Perhaps you are a builder and are looking to provide a watertight bid and impress your prospective client. A drone survey could give you the edge over your competitors.
Aaerial footage can be used in presentations to convey site setup locations and key areas of the build. With more and more projects being awarded on quality of bid (as well as price) an aerial survey could be the thing that helps you articulate your ideas and give you the edge over your competitors. We could do this on a project by project basis or set up a more long-term agreement to let your clients know you are staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. 

Furthermore, if you have a live building site and would like to show your client an overview of the build and its progress then employing us to carry out a drone survey could be preferable to the normal progress report photo's at ground level. These could be on a monthly basis or at key stages of the build. Dan has been working on building sites since 2000 and is well versed when it comes to health and safety. 


Our Essex based drone company can capture information at various stages of construction and can be used for; 


  • Creating a logistics plan

  • Monitoring site progress for valuations purposes

  • Checking site condition for contractual claims

  • Capturing information to include in client progress reports

  • Monitoring environmental factors

  • The site induction process

  • Monitoring health and safety and highlighting/recording areas of risk or concern


Once we have captured the information we will edit the footage into one continuous video. As the recordings will be in 4K the files will be too large to email. We'll either issue these on a sharing platform or post to you on a memory stick. 

Drones are a great tool for
minimising risk and maximising commercial savings. As more and more companies realise this, the use of drones in construction is becoming more common. At Affinity our main focus is safety and we will always keep up to date with new legislation and go over and above the requirements to ensure a safe flight every time. 


Affinity is CAA licensed (CAA ID: UAV4458) which gives you the confidence that we work safely and systematically. Some of our safety checks include but are not limited to;


  • Checking no-fly zones

  • Planning flight route to ensure minimum disruption to surrounding residents and occupants

  • Diagnostics check of equipment using a tick box approach to ensure nothing is missed

  • Ensuring batteries are fully charged

  • Making sure our drone pilots wear branded clothing


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Aerial photography in construction can provide real benefits to your business giving you a unique view of operations. If you would like to know more about how we can help we would be happy to organise a free demo at an existing site or at our training location. Either contact us on 07706 036508 or email at affinitybuild.dan@gmail.com to arrange. Please let us know which company you are representing and the details of your enquiry.

If you're considering a drone survey in Essex but you're still not sure, we have prepared a pdf which we'll email to you. All you need to do is tell us where to send it.


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