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Drone Roof Surveys Essex

Are you in need of a drone roof survey? Perhaps you are worried about a leak or just need to investigate for maintenance purposes. Working at height remains one of the most perilous activities in the construction industry. Luckily the days of risking life and limb just to inspect a roof are over. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) are used by Affinity to carry out inspections in a modern, safe and cost effective way.


Our pilots are fully licensed by the CAA (which means we are qualified to fly drones by the Civil Aviation Authority for commercial purposes) and are experienced Surveyors. Both of which mean that you'll get a thorough and professional inspection of your roof carried out at a fraction of the usual cost.   

All of our reports will circle the perimeter of the building and each elevation is filmed in 4K HD (which means you can zoom in extremely closely). Having video footage means you can revisit the survey again and again and distribute the digital file to whoever you need, whenever you need. 

This service is for you if; 


  • You need to inspect the roof of your house

  • You are maintaining a public building with limited access

  • You would like to save time and money by automating the inspection process.


If you are considering our drone service but are still not sure then you'll be pleased to know that we keep up to date with new legislation and go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to health and safety. We carry out a set of internal checks before every flight which include;


  • Checking no-fly zones

  • Planning the route of the drone flight

  • Checking the equipment is working as it should

  • Ensuring our pilots wear branded clothing for full visibility 

If you're considering using our drone service in Essex but you're still not sure, we have prepared a pdf which we'll email to you. All you need to do is tell us where to send it.


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